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As part of its Smart Nation journey, Singapore is strengthening its expertise in data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, analytics, and other areas.

Educational and research institutions are supporting groundbreaking research with cost-effective, scalable, and secure Amazon Web Services compute, storage, and database capabilities.

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Addressing Climate Change and Environmental Conservation

Download this whitepaper and learn about the six examples of how cloud technology is being adopted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to fight the effects of climate change in the waters and land.

GovInsider’s Festival of Innovation 2022

July 13-14 2022
Hear from more than 60 public sector speakers and meet with like-minded fellows for an enriching experience celebrating the government’s success in digital transformatioon, to be held at Raffles City Convention Centre!

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Supporting climate model simulations to accelerate climate science

AWS offers programs such as the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) that provide support to scientific research and sustainability-related projects. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

NUS Urban Analytics Lab scales research globally with AWS

Download the whitepaper to find out how AWS provided scalable solutions that The Urban Analytics Lab need to meet the rising global demand for its data analytics and conduct research more efficiently.

Case Study – UC Davis CWEE accelerates water conservation research with secure, compliant data storage on AWS

Unlocking protected sensitive data could speed up solutions to water and energy problems. Download this whitepaper to learn how AWS creates a secured shared system to overcome these challenges.

Emerging trends in cloud for advanced research computing

Learn more about how high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud is transforming the pace, breadth, and impact of scientific research, much of which has never had access to high-scale, low-cost infrastructure before.

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