Future of Healthcare

Cloud technologies can help Singapore take control of its healthcare needs, enabling its citizens to thrive as a Smart Nation.

Through the Amazon Web Services Cloud, healthcare and life sciences organizations are reinventing how they collaborate, make clinical and operational decisions, deliver precision medicine, and control costs.

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Putting patients at the center of care-Innovative health tech

Find out how AWS has helped three health technology organisations build patient-centric cloud solutions that improved the quality of care and patient experience. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

GovInsider’s Festival of Innovation 2022

July 13-14 2022
Hear from more than 60 public sector speakers and meet with like-minded fellows for an enriching experience celebrating the government’s success in digital transformatioon, to be held at Raffles City Convention Centre!

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AWS Healthcare Newsletter – October 2021

Innovative healthcare technology puts patients at the centre of care. Learn how organisations let patients stay in control of their care and re-define and transform modern healthcare.

How machine learning is driving better patient and business outcomes

Download this whitepaper to discover how specific machine learning solutions from Amazon Web Services help address five of the biggest challenges of healthcare and life sciences organisations.

AWS Healthcare Newsletter, April 2022 issue

Learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) has helped genomics organizations such as Ancestry, DNAnexus, GRAIL, Genomics England, Genome Institute of Singapore, and Illumina optimize their businesses and build scalable infrastructure to accelerate scientific discoveries.

Security and compliance for sensitive healthcare applications in the cloud

With the health-related data tsunami, data storage and security have become a top priority in the healthcare industry. Download this whitepaper to find out how AWS cloud help address these challenges.

Case Study: Virtusa / University of Texas

Virtusa – together with Cardinal Health – designed a solution that analyzes simulated electronic health records using artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness data from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston(UTHealth) to benefit patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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