Future of Education

Education is critical to Singapore’s Smart Nation ambitions.

Cloud technologies can be harnessed to support excellent teaching, drive educational outcomes, deliver connectivity to tools and resources, increase classroom efficiencies, improve accessibility and inclusion, and more.

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Empowering Education – Anywhere, Anytime with AWS

Download this whitepaper to learn about the different priorities and challenges in the educational system today as well as the solutions that Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide to help address them.

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July 13-14 2022
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Seven emerging trends in the world of education

This whitepaper outlines the 7 trends that have emerged from customers and leaders in the education sector as they consider how to adapt to the current circumstances.

EdTechs address mental wellbeing to improve student achievement with the cloud

Read to find out how four AWS EdStart Members are addressing different aspects of social-emotional learning to positively impact educational experiences.

AWS helps close the worldwide skill gap

From self-paced online courses to intensive upskilling programs, the AWS Cloud Computing training curricula will help bridge the increasing worldwide skills gap. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Five ways higher education institutions can start transforming with cloud

Higher education institutions have relied on the cloud to deal with their evolving challenges. Download this whitepaper to learn how AWS can help institutions that are new to the Cloud get started.

Article – Accelerating education sector impact through data insights with Salesforce and AWS

In the education sector, AWS and Salesforce help customers protect and make the most of their data to drive their missions forward.

Case Study: Cambridge University Press

Learn how Cambridge University Press (CUP) utilise cloud computing to unlock people’s potential by providing learning and research solutions for students, researchers, academics, and institutions worldwide.

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